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Digital Humanities Resource Guide & Toolbox

Digital Humanities intersects the fields of computer technology & the humanities. Created to help faculty & students develop DH research projects, this guide is based on Fordham University’s guide compiled by Kristen Mapes & created by Jane Suda.

What is Digital Humanities?

Published on Jun 6, 2014: Specialists in the digital humanities from across Oxford University talk about what this exciting field means to them, and how the use of digital technology in the humanities is allowing whole new fields of research to emerge.

What is Digital Humanities?

DDH LogoMany scholars have a mental model of "Digital Humanities,but rarely are any two alike. Some see DH as a methodology, others as a process and still others define DH by a domain and/or technology. Pick your favorite from the 500+ Definitions of digital humanities culled by Jason Heppler from participants at the Day of DH events. Explore the definitions by repeatedly refreshing the page. 

Can't find one you like? Try these sites for further explanations and definitions: