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NR 740 - BIOL 795 ::: Research Collaboration

An interdisciplinary collaboration on wildlife research design & analysis

This guide will serve as a resource repository to assist with the preparation, peer review, and revision of wildlife research proposals

You will find separate pages (at left) dedicated to each of the courses participating in the Fall 2016 Research Collaboration:

  • NR 740 students will prepare research proposals, and revise & polish those proposals following peer review
  • BIOL 795 students will learn how to conduct a thoughtful peer review (focusing on experimental design & analysis), and will review the proposals written by students in NR 740 (Wildlife Inventory & Monitoring)

Much of what we do for this collaboration will take place separately, but we will come together several times throughout the process to share proposal ideas, and for face-to-face discussions about the proposal reviews.

We look forward to collaborating with you and supporting you this semester,

Dr. Jennifer Purrenhage (NR) & Dr. Patty Jarema (BIOL)