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ENGL 401 - First-Year Writing (UNH Durham): Find Books

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Why Use Books?

Good places to acquire in-depth information on a topic.

Remember: you won't necessarily be reading a book from cover to cover.


  • Use the index in the back and table of contents in the front to find relevant information quickly.
  • Check the bibliography to find other sources of similar information.

Monographs ("single - writing") are books dedicated to one subject. 


Find Books


Search UNH Library Classic Catalog only



The UNH library catalog will identify books, journal titles (not articles), DVDs/videos, musical scores and recordings, maps, etc. at the Durham and Manchester campus libraries.

Find More Books

Search Books and Media Worldwide


In libraries, books in the stacks are arranged by subject, so when you find a title in the stacks, browse the same shelf or shelves for related titles.

If Your Item Is Not at UNH