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Scholarly Communication and Open Access: Scholarly Publishing

This guide provides news and resources about the changing scholarly communication landscape.

Best Resources for Scholarly Publishing

Scholarly publishing is an industry in transition.  Since the advent of the Internet, which was built on foundations laid by research scientists wanting to share data, researchers and readers alike have had access to an ever-increasing array of open networked resources. This has generated opportunities for a wide variety of publication models and formats to develop, from the community blog to the peer-reviewed Open Access journal, sometimes challenging and sometimes complementing traditional publishing.


The Scholarly Communication and Open Access Library Guide is maintained by Eleta Exline is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution--Share Alike 4.0 United States License.

Serials Crisis

The "serials crisis" - the rapidly increasing cost of subscription journals far outpacing the rate of inflation and library budgets - has generated interest by the library community and others in investigating new publication models and sustainable publishing practices that serve the needs of researchers at all levels without sacrificing quality.