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Civil War Era (UNH Durham): For Faculty

This guide primarily covers the period from 1828 to 1877 in U.S. History, focusing on the origins, course, and consequences of the Civil War. While it does cover military aspects of the war in some detail, it focuses on other topics, as well.

Course-Related Workshops and Tours

Schedule one or more course-related instruction sessions to meet the specific needs of students in your class. These can be tailored to: 

  • Become better acquainted with primary research
  • Locate materials on specific topics within Special Collections
  • Provide course-related guides and digital content for use on Blackboard
  • Evaluate and interpret web and print resources
  • Facilitate the use of rare books and specialized research collections

These classes may take place in either the classroom or in Dimond Library, but it is often helpful for students to become acquainted with Special Collections prior to embarking on their research.

Please contact me it you want to develop and/or develop an instruction session of tour.

Course-Related Research Projects

Propose course-related research projects that involve Special Collections. Advance planning will enable us better serve you and your students. By planning ahead, we can:

  • Suggest research materials and strategies appropriate to your class and syllabus
  • Plan additional instruction and research strategies that will enhance their educational experience
  • Provide course-related digital content for use on Blackboard
  • Avoid competition for limited research materials on a given topic
  • Protect rare or fragile materials from overuse or mishandling

Please let me know if you need assistance in designing a course related project.


New Books in History

For a list of the UNH Library's new titles in History, click here. To see lists for all new library materials, click for the New Titles page. These pages list new titles by month and are updated weekly.

Recommend Resources

As a rule, the UNH Library has to be careful in spending limited collection monies; however, when establishing priorities for book purchases, reference works, media and electronic resources, we depend upon faculty imput. You make it easier for us to align our collection building with your research and curricular needs. If you would like to submit a suggestion for purchase electronically, please click here for the appropriate forms.

If you would prefer to contact one of our library liaisons directly or work with your departmental representative to inform the UNH Library of your needs and concerns, here is an up-to-date list of liaisons and departmental representatives.

Set up an Appointment

Get the most out of your limited research time and the resources in Special Collections by meeting with a staff member who is most familiar with your area of research. With advance preparation, this person will be able to:

  • Identify appropriate resources for assignments and research projects
  • Help develop systematic research strategies
  • Identify other institutions or web sites that may contribute to your research

Please contact me to set-up an appointment.


This library guide was created to support the study of history at The University of New Hampshire.

Please use this guide to help develop your research. If you need additional assistance, please don't hesitate to contact me by phone, email, IM, or Facebook. My office hours during the fall semester are Monday and online, Sunday night, from 8-11pm. I can also meet at other times to discuss your research needs or for one-on-one instruction on search strategies and sources.

I also serve as liaison to the History Department, so if you want to purchase or gain access to monographs, periodicals, media, or other resources that are not available at UNH, let me know and we'll determine the best strategy for connecting you with the information you need.

I welcome your suggestions for changes or additions to this guide, as well as those geared towards enhancing services provided by the UNH Library.

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