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Linking to E-resources @ UNH: LexisNexis

Instructions for creating persistent links to e-journal articles, e-book chapters, and other online content.

What is LexisNexis?

LexisNexis is a full-text database of news, business, legal and government information. News resources include international and national newspapers, magazines, trade journals, and broadcast media transcripts. Legal resources include state and federal statutes, regulations, case law, and law reviews/journals. Also includes extensive legal guides by subject and EU legal sources.

Copying the URL from your browser's window will NOT give you a persistent link to content in Lexis-Nexis. However, an online tool allows you to create the Durable Link.

LexisNexis Durable Links

LexisNexis Academic provides a way to create a Durable Link at the following webpage: 

Type in the publication title and click Submit. The CSI will then be filled in and boxes for Author, Title, and date will appear; only the author's last name, a few words of the title, and the year are needed. When you click Submit a box will appear underneath providing the Durable Link.  To enable off-campus access, prefix the Durable Link given with


 Screenshot of LexisNexis Academic Article Link Tool