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Symplectic Elements Training Guide: Getting started

Symplectic Elements

What is Symplectic Elements?

Elements is a research information system. It automatically collects of information related to research and scholarship using open data sources and licensed library databases. Elements also connects to other UNH systems to collect personnel, grants, and teaching information.

What will this do for a faculty member?

Elements generates a profile for a faculty member that is automatically and continuously updated with the latest publications and information on citations of their work. Faculty will be able to generate a bio sketch for NIH (we expect NSF format to be available soon) without copying, pasting, and typing in citations. Elements will also provide publications data to the UNH Scholars’ Repository, which is the UNH Library's central location for collecting and promoting scholarship and creative work by UNH faculty, students, staff, institutes, and programs. While Elements profiles are not open to the public, their data will eventually help populate a researcher networking platform called VIVO (and faculty can decide what profile information they choose to have published).  To see what this looks like you can visit Duke’s VIVO site here

What will this do for a department chair, Dean or other administrator?

At any time an individual (with appropriate access) will be able to discover all the published books and articles written by faculty over the past month, year, or five years. They will be able to see all of the grants activity of their faculty, and gather/present all of the rich information about the research profile of their department, college, center, or institute including up to date measures of impact (like citations and altmetric scores).

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