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HLS 480 - Professional Skills in Homeland Security (UNH Manchester): Info Timeline Activity

Activity Set Up

Frequently professors ask students to use a variety of information sources for a project? Why? When an event occurs, where are the firsts few places you learn of the event?


Today we are going to create a physical publication timeline. At each table there are a variety of materials. The scenario is this: An event occurs (our example is the Boston Marathon Bombing).


How did you first hear about it?

What came next?

Can you put the materials on your table in order from first to last.

Can you identify the type of sources on your table?

Wrap Up

What is the difference between the information at the start of the timeline and the information at the end?

When do we begin to see disciplinary knowledge / lenses applied to the issues?

What sources displayed would be useful as primary sources?



Please complete the following activities. If you need help contact Kate Norton or visit the library in person.


Activity adapted from Keene Info-Lit Bank.