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RefWorks Citation Management Software


RefWorks has introduced a totally new version of its citation management software, called NEW RefWorks.  The current, older version is now called LEGACY RefWorks. For now, you can user either version.  If you are using Legacy RefWorks and want to migrate your data to New RefWorks, follow the directions on the Upgrade tab of this guide.

What is NEW RefWorks?
  • a web-based bibliography and citation management platform.
  • allows you to create a personal database of citations and related documents
  • imports references from online databases such as those licenses by EBSCO and from other sources such as the internet
  • automatically formats bibliographies according to your preferred style format.

How is NEW RefWorks different from LEGACY RefWorks?

Features are similar but functions are different.  New RefWorks is icon- instead of text-driven. New RefWorks also offers users a better way to create in-text citations and an option to store full-text documents.

Access Legacy RefWorks

As of September 2016, RefWorks is called Legacy RefWorks.  If you currently have an account, chances are you are using Legacy RefWorks.

Users who are using RefWorks for the first time should consider starting out with New RefWorks.  If you have questions, ask a librarian for help.

Access Legacy RefWorks

Access "New RefWorks"

New RefWorks is a brand new version of RefWorks. You can have an account in both Legacy RefWorks and New RefWorks, but they're not linked. If you are a new user, consider signing up for an account with New RefWorks.

Access New RefWorks

Other Ways to Access RefWorks

Access Legacy RefWorks in one of three ways:

  1. Use the link on this page.
  2. Go to the Library home page and then scroll down below the search box to Research Help & Services for the link.
  3. Go to complete List of Databases and find RefWorks alphabetically.

The only way to access New RefWorks is via the link above. Bookmark it for easy retrieval.