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Organize Your RefWorks Citations

How Folders Work:

  1. Once you export to RefWorks (either platform), the citations can be found in the Last Imported Folder.
  2. These items stay in the Last Imported Folder until the next import occurs, at which time they will go to the Not In Folder folder.
  3. If this is confusing, set up folders within RefWorks. You can have a folder for each course or assignment that requires citations. Name the folders to correspond with your courses or assignments.
  4. Then go to the Last Imported Folder and select your articles. Go to themove to folder’ icon and move these articles to your course or assignment folder.

Add References to a Folder:

  1. Click the box next to Ref ID to select a specific reference or references.
  2. Click the Add to Folder icon and select the folder (or subfolder in Proquest RefWorks) you want the references added to or drag the Selected, Page or All in List radio button to the destination folder located on the Quick Access bar in the Folders area.

Organizing and Searching

Organizing and Searching Within Your RefWorks Account:

  • You can create as many folders as you want.  Remember that by default all citations will first be imported in the Last Imported Folder and then you can move them into a different folder.
  • If you can't find a citation, look in the folder labeled Not In Folder. 
  • TIP: Set up a folder for each course or assignment

Click on the Search Button to:

  • Search for an author, a title, or a keyword within your citations.
  • RefWorks searches within citations you have already added to your account.



  • If RefWorks doesn't know where to put extra information, it goes into the Notes field. This can happen if fields have been tagged incorrectly in your source.
  • Your citation will be incomplete if the database you are exporting from does not include all of the citation information or otherwise codes it incorrectly.  For example, it's very important to know whether your bibliography requires full first names of authors and other details.
  • Review your bibliography for accuracy and edit as needed.