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EDUC 500 - Exploring Teaching - Hambacher (UNH Durham)

Scholarly & Peer Reviewed Articles

Scholarly (aka academic) articles are written by and for academics, researchers, and experts in the specific topic or broader subject area of the article.

Peer reviewed (aka refereed) articles are those which have been reviewed prior to publication by other experts in the topic of the article. Often reviewers are external (not members of the journal's editorial staff or board).

PsycINFO records indicate whether the article is from a peer reviewed journal; see Publication Type field near bottom of record.

Other Types of Sources

In addition to articles, other types of publications you may come across:

  • Trade/practice publications - written for those who work in a specific field; tend to include news, statistics, trends, and other information relevant to practitioners in the field
  • Book - generally monographs or edited books
    • Monograph - scholarly, single volume that treats one topic in depth; often has a single author
    • Edited book - typically a collection of chapters written by different authors on the same subject. There's usually an editor who has put the whole book together
  • Dissertation - usually written as a requirement for a Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) degree. Often very lengthy and on a specific topic or research project.
  • Thesis - a shorter work typically written as a requirement for a master's degree.
  • Reports from federal, state or local agencies, school districts, etc.
  • Publications from think tanks, organizations interested in policy research, professional organizations, etc.