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HMGT 401 - Introduction to the Hospitality Industry (UNH Durham)

Library resources and search strategies to support assignments in HMGT 401

Company Profiles

Use these tools to find publicly traded companies. 

Company Profile Assignment

HMGT 401 Assignment # 1 Company Profile 
Choose a hospitality company that you are interested in.  It should meet the following criteria: 
• Should be a publicly traded company • Should have annual sales of $200 million or more • Can be national or international 
Look up the company in one of the databases available through the library and visit the company web site.  You might want to also look at their annual reports and the analysts’ reports.  After you have done so, answer the following questions: 
• Name of the company, industry sector, and size of the company (sales and units). • Description of their product line. • Is it a franchise, is it company owned, or a combination? • What makes the company different/special? • What types of customers do they target? • Who are their major competitors? • Is this a company you would like to work for?  Why?  Why not? 
Please limit the length of this assignment to 2 pages, excluding title page and citations. Please be sure to cite the sources used (company website, Hoovers, etc.).