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Data Visualizations from the US Government

Selected US government sites offering data visualizations. Prepared in connection with the University of New Hampshire's 2017 International Open Access Week short-talk series.

Why Data Visualizations from the US Government

"Data visualization is the pictorial or graphical presentation of data in a way that helps users internalize complex data as meaningful visual information."

The US government is a valuable source for open access information and data. Most US government publications are not copyrighted (attribution is requested). is an excellent open-data source for finding "data, tools, and resources to conduct research, develop web and mobile applications, design data visualizations, and more."

The focus of this guide is to provide resources and strategies for locating data visualizations that you can use for teaching, presentations, or research.

Finding Data Visualizations

One way to locate data visualizations online is to search using

A recommended search is data visualizations [topic]. "" limits results to top-level domain of Government, which originally included only the federal government, but is now used for any level of government.

A sample search:

Using the same search " data visualizations [topic]" on Google will retrieve agency webpages with visualizations or visualization tools, news or blog posts announcing visualization sites or tools (example), and articles on the topic.