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Paul College: Diversity & Inclusion Resources: Growth Strategies

Resource Guide Information

The purpose of this resource guide, therefore, is to provide a foundation of diverse learning material across a variety of topics and functional areas of business. In some cases, the article or video is authored by, and/or features, an individual from an underrepresented group. In other cases, the company featured is led by an individual (e.g., the President, AVP, COO, CMO, etc.) from an underrepresented group. In many cases, it reflects both. This guide, of course, is by no means exhaustive. . Users are encouraged to incorporate other materials in their teaching that foster diversity and inclusion in their classrooms and are invited to add to this resource guide, as well, through this Google Form. Please contact Lauren Haley with questions or comments about the resource. 

A brief summary is included for each of the articles and videos as well as a code to indicate the category of diversity represented in each. 

G: Gender; R/E: race/ethnicity; O: Sexual Orientation