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SW 525 - Social Welfare Policy: History of Social and Economic Justice (UNH Durham): Historical & Contemporaneous Resources

Information on library resources, services and more to help you on projects for SW 525.

Why Use?

Seeing what events and issues concerned people around the time that your policy or legislation was being developed can provide a useful historical context.

This page includes links to a number of full-text newspaper resources and other resources to help wirh basic historical research.

Popular Magazines

Contemporaneous articles from popular magazines can be identified through:

Finding Scholarly Articles in History

Useful database for finding substantive articles on topics in American and Canadian history:


For the individual newspaper databases, you can usually

  • search by keyword and limit your search to a range of dates (if you wish)
  • browse by date for a specific issue (use Publications tab)

Biographical Information

Want to find out more about some of the people involved in social history and policy development? Try some of these online biographcal resources:

Chronologies and Timelines

Chronologies and Timelines can provide a quick overliew of major political, economic, social, and cultural events by date.