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What is EBL?
Why do I see a UNHID screen even though I'm on campus?
Do I need an account to access EBL?
Do  I need special software or hardware to read ebooks online?
Can I download ebooks to my phone, e-book reader or tablet?
Can I print from EBL?  Can I copy and paste from EBL?

What is EBL?

EBL (Ebook Library) is a platform for e-books offering titles in a wide range of subjects featuring content from hundreds of publishers. Content is updated weekly.

Why do I see a UNHID screen even though I'm on campus?

Because EBL access is licensed  for current students, staff, and faculty of the University of New Hampshire, we need to confirm your status regardless of whether you are on or off campus. 

Do I need an account to access EBL?

You will be  asked for your UNHID and password before being taken to the EBL site.  Once you enter EBL, you will not be required to enter additional account information to use the ebooks.

Do I need special software or hardware to read ebooks online?

EBL can be accessed using a standard Internet browser.  The Safari browser is recommended for Mac users.  EBL provides ebooks in Adobe PDF format, so in order to view EBL ebooks online, you will need the  correct version of Adobe Reader installed on  your computer. EBL works best with Acrobat Reader version 9 or later. If you download Adobe Reader 8, you will also  need to download Adobe Digital Edition - Flash  Player

Can I download ebooks to my phone, e-book reader or tablet?

Yes, whenever the DOWNLOAD button appears in a book you are reading, you can download the book for up to 7 days. You will be prompted to download the book again when your time expires.

Downloading an EBL book enables you to access the book offline  and transfer it to a device that supports Adobe Digital Editions—see: Adobe Digital Editions list of  compatible devices:

EBL books in PDF format do not work on older Kindles because Kindle does not support Adobe Digital Editions. They can be read on a Kindle Fire using the Bluefire Reader app. For more information about downloading EBL books use the Help/Feedback button on the upper right of the EBL toolbar.


 Click on the "read online" button pictured below:
Read online.JPG

You will be given 5 minutes to:

  • View details about the book
  • Look at the Table of Contents
  • Search through the text of the book.

See inside book.JPG


Read longer.JPG

After 5 minutes, you will see this box telling you that your browse time has expired, and asking if you would like to borrow this book.

If you answer "Yes, create a loan", you can continue to read online using your web browser. You'll be able to log into EBL from any other computer and continue reading the book for 24 hours. When the loan expires and you still want to read the book, simply request another 24-hour loan.

You can also choose to download the book to a portable device. You can choose to have either a 1-day or 1-week loan.

  • To download your EBL ebook to a PC, Mac, or laptop computer for offline reading, or to download to a portable device, go to Step 1, below.
  • To download your EBL ebook to an iPad, iPod, or iPhone, or Android device, go to Step 2, below.
  • Not sure your device is compatible? Check out the list of Adobe Digital Editions supported devices.

1. Download your book to your computer or ereader (such as the Nook or Kindle Fire). Before you can download your EBL ebook to your computer (for offline reading) or for your device, you will first need to install Adobe Digital Editions (it's free!) on your computer. If you've never accessed the Adobe website before, you will be asked to create a user ID and password before you can install the software. Again, all of this is free! After you've finished installing Adobe Digital Editions, you can download your ebook. Click on the DOWNLOAD button under the DOWNLOAD tab (you may be asked to select either PDF or ePUB; either is fine but if you're using a portable device with the Bluefire Reader then select ePUB because it is more compatible). You will be asked to borrow the book for either 1 or 7 days. (Note: Some books default to only a 1 day loan period, so you may not see this choice).

Once downloaded, all of the books you've borrowed will display, including the time remaining on each loan. When the loan expires, it is marked as such, and can no longer be opened without requesting a new loan through EBL.

Adobe Digital.JPG

To transfer the book to a portable device, attach it to your computer using its supplied USB cable. The device should then appear on the left side of the Adobe Digital Editions screen. Click the icon of the book and drag it to the device name. After you disconnect the device, it should appear in your list of available books.

2. To download an EBL ebook to an iPad, iPod, iPhone or other smartphone. Before you can download EBL books to your iPad, iPod, iPhone, Android tablet or smartphone, you will need to download a free app called Bluefire Reader, which is available here via the iTunes App Store (click on the blue "View in iTunes" button to go to the iTunes App Store).

BlueFire Reader App.JPG

When you click the DOWNLOAD button on the EBL page, your book will be sent directly Bluefire. You will be able to read it until the loan expires. When the loan expires, the book will display in your "Library," but all pages will be blacked out.  You will need to find the book again via a web browser, borrow it and download it again if you would like to continue to read it.

Note: The first time you try to download a book from EBL to your device using Bluefire, you may be prompted to enter an Adobe ID and password. If you've never created one, you can click on the 'create Adobe ID" button, and you'll be taken to the Adobe site to continue. When you're finished, you can come back to the Bluefire screen and log in using your newly created Adobe ID.

Can I print from EBL?

Yes, but because of copyright, there are restrictions as to how much of the book you can print or copy. Printing from EBL is restricted to approximately 20% of the total pages  of the ebook, per user. Copying and pasting content is restricted to approximately 5% of the total pages of the ebook, per user. EBL will display a message if the limit is reached.  


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