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Arts 480 – Introduction to Art History (UNH Manchester): Books

This guide will help you with your research in the area of Art History.

Exhibition Catalogs

  • Use the Library Search box to find exhibition catalogs. Perform a keyword search that includes exhibition* (the truncation symbol *) will search for both "exhibition" and "exhibitions".

UNH Library Search Box

The UNH Library Search Box provides simple, one-stop searching for:

  • Books and e-books
  • Articles in newspapers, journals, and magazines
  • Video and audio

Request a Book from Another Library

Browse the stacks

Each subject heading determined by the Library of Congress is assigned a call number.  Once you know the subject you are looking for, you may browse the stacks with the corresponding call number and know that you are viewing all materials owned by the library related to that subject.

Common call numbers for ART HISTORY are:

Visual arts:  N

Architecture:  NA

Sculpture:  NB

Drawing, design, illustration:  NC

Painting:  ND

Print media:  NE

Decorative arts:  NK

Arts in general:  NX