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Arts 480 – Introduction to Art History (UNH Manchester): Biographies and Encyclopedias

This guide will help you with your research in the area of Art History.

Online Reference Source

Online Biographical Reference Sources

Using Reference Sources

The Reference Collection is a very good place to start your research. Reference sources can provide background on your area of study, help you focus your topic, and serve as a springboard to other research.  

In our collection you'll find:

  • dictionaries
  • general encyclopedias (such as World Book)
  • specialized encyclopedias that go into depth on one particulary area of study
  • almanacs
  • bibliographies

Check with your instructor to verify which reference sources may be cited in your project and which should be used for background research only.

Art Reference Books

Below is a list of specialized encyclopedias that you may find useful with your research.

Additional Print Reference Books