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ESCI 997 - Graduate Seminar in Earth Sciences

Prof. John Hughes Clark

Using the Library Catalog

UNH Library (Durham) home page:

Library Catalog (link on menu) - Use this to find online and physical material you can get directly through the UNH libraries (Durham, Law, Manchester).  Ex.: books and journals, conference proceedings, audio-visual content, maps, newspapers, theses, more. 

The Advanced Search gives you more options for setting up your search; select the Library Catalog. 

The other two catalogs on the library homepage are both ways to search WorldCat, a search over 1000+ academic and major public libraries, including UNH. Use these if you have a long term project where you must consult a wide range of books not always available at UNH and for convenient InterLibrary Loan requests for books and media.  Firstsearch allows more precise searches, while Books & Media Worldwide is nice if you do not like busy screens.

General search hints:

  • To find books on a topic, do a keyword search. In your results, click on results that look interesting, and scroll down to see more about the book, including other keywords or subject terms to build out your search.
  • If your subject doesn't work, try a broader subject.
  • You can change the search to title when looking for a specific item - in the catalog, this means the title of the encompassing work, such as a book or journal title, rather than a chapter or article title.
  • You can change the search to author when looking for books by a person or organization; for a person, enter last name first, then first name - if that doesn't work, try just the last name paired with a keyword in another field.
  • Use the facets on the left to sort your results, select format, type of publication, and other choices to get a useful result set
  • Mark and export your results to an RIS file for Zotero or other bibliography management software, or email a few to pick up later
  • Sign in to see more results, create alerts, and save preferences

Catalog tips & search examples

  • Check out the options on the menu (top of page), such as the Browse Catalog -- by title, subject, and more!
  • Mark items to send yourself a list (or save, if you're signed in)
  • If the item you want doesn't provide a link or call number, sign in to request it via InterLibrary Loan
  • Use your Search History (clock-ish icon at upper right corner) to repeat a search during your session
  • User the "Permalink" for a link to the catalog record that is more durable than your search link

Advanced Search example:

      Library Catalog: 

         Author (contains): aviado, k*      [remember, the asterisk allows for any ending - so this can search for the initial and/or the full first name],contains,aviado,%20k*,AND&search_scope=MyInstitution&sortby=rank&tab=LibraryCatalog&vid=01USNH_UNH:MAIN&came_from=search_history