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BSCI 501--Ethical Issues in Biology (UNH Manchester): Research: Where Do I Begin?

This Research Guide will help you research your topics for the BSCI 501 course.

Research: Where Do I Begin?

Before you begin your research, you should ask yourself some questions. These will help narrow your search parameters.

What kind of information are you looking for?

Do you want facts? Opinions? News reports? Research studies? Analyses? Personal reflections? History?

Where would be a likely place to look?

Which sources are likely to be most useful to you? Libraries? The Internet? Books? Academic periodicals? Newspapers? Government records?

Research happens in steps...

First step is finding background information. What is this topic about?

Second step is gather facts and current event information.

Third step is diving deeper into trends, analysis, and themes.

How much information do you need?

How many sources of information are you looking for? Do you need to view both sides of the issue?

Adapted from The OWL at Purdue

Second Step

Research is a Conversation

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Licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0.

Types of Sources

Watch the following video to understand how sources are published along the information timeline.

DigitalLiteracy (2010, January 29). Information cycle [Video file]. Retrieved from