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PTC 595 - Business Communication (UNH Manchester): Career Resources

In-Class Activity

Inform Your Thinking: It's All About the Questions

OkStateLibrary (2016, June 27). Inform your thinking: Episode 4 - It's all about the questions [Video file]. Retrieved from

Licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0.

Professional Associations

Professional Association Defined:

Professional associations are a group of people that come together on behalf of a career or industry. These associations meet regularly through meetings or conferences to discuss pertinent trends and concerns effecting the industry. They provide members with continuing education and networking opportunities and advocate for the needs of the group.

Examples: American Library Association, Association of Information Techonology Professionals, American Business Women's Association.

What makes us feel good about our work?

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How to Ace an Interview

Harvard Extension School (2017, March 13). How to ace an interview: 5 tips from a Harvard career advisor [Video file]. Retrieved from

Career Websites

Job Search Websites