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How to Find Full Text Through a Journal: Home

How to Find Full Text Through a Journal

Struggling to find full text through Google Scholar and the library's homepage? Try finding it through the journal itself!

1. Make sure to identify all the important elements of the article including the journal title it is published in, the year it was published, the volume, the issue, the page number, the author(s), as well as the title of the article!

2. Next, go to the library's homepage ( and select the link for Journal Search.

3. In the search box, type in the title of the journal and search. Below the correct result, select Available Online.

4. Click on the link beneath Full text availability. Also note that the link includes a year range. This indicates the years of the journal that the library has access to. In the below example, the library has access to the journal, Political Theology, from 1999 to one year ago.

5. Once you've connected to the journal, you should be able to find your article by selecting the correct publication year, volume, and issue. Your page may look different than what you see below, especially if the link takes you to the publisher's website. Nonetheless, you should still be able to browse current or previous issues the same way.

6. After you've chosen the correct year, volume, and issue, you should be able to search by the page number, author, or title of the article. If the PDF is available, you will see it below the result.

8. You're getting good at this.

Tutorials created by: Eugenia Opuda
Gifs created in Camtasia or taken online from Giphy