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ENGL 693 - Contact Zones (UNH Manchester): Primary Sources

Current Newspapers

Research Assignment

"Reviews in major newspapers and magazines, author interviews, and literary criticism are obvious places to start because, in most cases, they spotlight the features of the literary work that have already attracted attention.  Consulting such materials is a way of getting up to speed efficiently on where the critical conversation has been. Keep in mind, though, that reviewers, scholars, and authors don’t always agree with one another.  Also remember that not everything published is compelling or persuasive—or even accurate.  You must be the judge." -- Research Requirements for Essay #2 

Historical Newspapers


Use this database to search for the following about any periodical:

  • Product description
  • Scholarly or non-scholarly, trade, magazine, etc.
  • What databases to search
  • Publisher information
  • Reviews of the periodical