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CEE 420, Professor Kinner, Fall 2018 (UNH Durham): Get Started

Support for successful stream source searches. And other things.


Your ability to find and evaluate information effectively is a vital professional and personal asset that develops over a lifetime.   This guide will help build on your knowledge and skills to find information for this class and point you toward strategies for information-seeking beyond it.

During your time at UNH and even after you graduate, the people and materials of the UNH Library are at your service.  I am your Engineering subject librarian.  I have an open-door policy, so you can stop by, email a question, or make an appointment to discuss questions or research in depth; it does not have to be for this course or any course. Staff at any of the branch libraries can also help with general library questions, and the Dimond subject librarians can help you find other types of information, plus the UNH Library website is available 24/7. 

To use this guide, see the tabs for specific types of resources.

Library Locations & Hours

Off-Campus Access to UNH Library Resources

Most online UNH Library resources are only accessible to UNH Durham & UNH-Manchester students, faculty, staff, and on-campus visitors.

When you are on campus, you do not have to do anything special to use most online library resources; just access them through the library's website.  From off-campus, there are two ways to access the online resources:

   1.  Start your search on the UNH Library website.  The links for online resources, including databases, e-books, e-journals, streaming videos, and music, are customized to prompt off-campus visitors for a UNH ID and password (just like myCourses) for authentication.

    2. Another way to show you're a Wildcat is to install UNH VPN Pulse Secure with the optional all_traffic configuration on your computer or VPN-compatible device.  When you connect, this gives your computer an "on-campus" IP address.  Regular UNH VPN lets you access UNH software, while the all_traffic configuration provides extra access for library resources in addition to software.

If you have trouble connecting, check your network connection and/or try a different browser.  If there is still a problem, contact me or library staff.  The library has a troubleshooting team at .  If it is a computer or network issue, we may refer you to Academic Technology.

Engineering & Physical Sciences Librarian