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CHEM 400 - Freshman Seminar (UNH Durham): Home


Welcome to UNH and the Library.

Finding accurate information effectively and efficiently supports the lifelong learning that we all do in our academic, work, and  personal lives. Accurate information is vital to chemistry, so chemistry and libraries naturally go together. From information resources to friendly assistance and study space, the Chemistry Library and other UNH libraries can help you.  Don't wait to use the services and collections; jump right in! 

In this guide, you have a general page (Chemistry Library & beyond) and a page with direct links especially to help you do research for your podcast.   Whether you are on campus or at home, don't hesitate to contact us. My contact info is in the box to your right, and Bob's contact info is below.

Chemistry Library Manager, Bob Constantine

Bob Constantine's picture
Bob Constantine
Chemistry Library, Rm.109A, Parsons Hall

23 Academic Way, Duham, NH 03824

862-1083 (Office)

Engineering & Physical Sciences Librarian, Associate Professor