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SW 525: Social Welfare Policy: History of Social and Economic Justice (UNH Durham)

APA Style Resources

More on Citing Electronic Articles

A Digital Object Identifier or DOI is a unique identifying number that provides persistent identification. DOI numbers begin with “10”

The APA 6th edition requires including the DOI, if available, in the citation of an electronic article.

Typically the DOI is located on the first page of an e-journal article near the copyright notice OR in the database record for the article.

If the DOI isn't available, provide the home page URL of the journal. You may need to do a quick web search for the journal title to locate this URL,

Generally don’t include database information in your citation.

Don’t include retrieval dates unless material is likely to change over time (for example, a wiki site).

Test URLs before final submission of your paper to make sure they are current.

Styles and Databases

Many library databases provide citation style help, including APA style.


RefWorks is a web-based citation management and bibliography creator tool.

It can help you...

  • create bilbiographies and format citations in papers quickly, saving you time and effort;
  • create, organize, and manage your own personal database of articles and resources online, accessible from anywhere via the web, for one or more research projects;
  • import references easily from many databases;
  • share references with others; and
  • collaborate with others on one or more projects.

Create an account while you are connected to the UNH computer network, either on or off campus.

The video tutorials under the Help menu are very useful and recommended to help you get started. These are available once you have logged in to your account.

If you have an questions or need help on using Refworks please contact the Research Center.

Avoiding Plagiarism

Plagiarism is a very serious academic transgression. To learn more, check out the following resources: