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ECON 774

Research Resources

 *Selected Scholary/Academic Journal Titles: 

Journal of Economic Perspectives 

Journal of Economic Literature 

Monthly Labor Review 

Health Affairs 

Additional databases for finding scholarly articles:


Business Source Ultimate

Federal Reserve Archival System for Economic Research (FRASER)

NBER - the best source of not-yet-published research studies

Government and Multinational Institutions:

Regional Federal Reserve Banks provide research on a variety of topics, including macro and finance *(Do not select Research Department Working Papers or similar. These are the technical papers written by the staff economists using a lot of advanced theory & econometrics.)*

Look for policy/issue brief types of pubs that are written for a wider audience.

The Fed Banks are also the go-to sources for macro & financial data.

Government Accountability Office (GAO).  GAO reports cover a wide range of topics

WorldBank - source for data and reports. 

Congressional Budget Office -best source of U.S. budgetary data, covers a wide variety of topics including macroeconomic forecasts