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Data Literacy Competencies for Business Students Resource List

Business Data Literacy Competencies Articles

Pothier, W., & Condon, P. (2023). Cultivating a Data Literate Workforce: Considerations for Librarians. portal: Libraries and the Academy23(4), 629-636.

Patricia B. Condon & Wendy Girven Pothier (2022): Advancing data literacy: Mapping business data literacy competencies to the ACRL framework, Journal of Business & Finance Librarianship.

Pothier, W. G., & Condon, P. B. (2020). Towards data literacy competencies: Business students, workforce needs, and the role of the librarian. Journal of Business & Finance Librarianship25(3-4), 123-146.

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Business data literacy competencies

Business data literacy competencies (Pothier & Condon, 2019)

Description of business data literacy competency

Data organization and storage

focuses on foundational data management practices

Understanding data used in business contexts

involves identifying sources or potential sources of data and thinking critically about the use of the data

Evaluating the quality of data sources

involves critically evaluating how data was generated, who created or generated it, and how is it being analyzed and interpreted

Interpreting data

highlights the importance of knowledgeably decoding data in order  to apply findings effectively

Data-driven decision making

emphasizes the data has the power to effect change by enabling decision makers to make deliberate and informed choices.

Communicating and presenting effectively with data 

“is about extracting a meaningful and cogent narrative from the data” (Pothier & Condon, 2020).

Data ethics and security

embodies the “responsibility to approach collection, interpretation, use, and security of data ethically and with integrity” (Pothier & Condon, 2019).

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