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Create and Manage Group Libraries

Creating a Zotero Group Library lets you collaborate with others on the same Zotero collection. Group members do not need to download Zotero in order to view the library, but having an account allows everyone to edit the library.


Before creating a Zotero group library, you must create a Zotero account (  and link your account to your library (


1. In your Zotero application, click on the second icon on the top menu. It should look like a small, brown folder. Next, click New Group.

2. Zotero will prompt you to sign in to your account through After signing in, you will see a Create a New Group page. You may type in your group name and choose your group type. I often choose private membership for small group work. Then, click Create Group.

3. After creating a group, you will be prompted to set group settings. On this settings page, you can set permissions for your group library. Once you are done, click Save Settings at the bottom of the page.

4. Near the top, you can select Member Settings to manage the team library. To invite others to collaborate on the Zotero, click Send More Invitations at the very bottom of the page. On this page, you can also see other members on the team and update their roles.

5. To invite members, type in email addresses separating each address with a comma. Then, click Invite Members. This will send an email to invitees to join the Group Library.

6. Lastly, you can select Group Settings near the top menu. This page allows you to choose an image for your team, write a description of the group, and edit any public information about your group.

7. If your account is linked to your Zotero application, your newly created group will appear under Group Libraries on the left hand navigation. Anytime you or your team updates the Group Library, your Zotero application will sync those updates. If you do not see your changes, you can click the green sync icon on the top right hand side of the Zotero application.