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Saving Articles Manually

Saving articles manually is an option that is best if you have physical articles, books, and other items that you need to get into your Zotero library. This method is the most time-consuming.


1. Open up your Zotero library and select a folder on the left that you wish to save an item into. Then, select the green button in the top menu and choose the type of item you want to save.

2. Once you select an item type, a blank template will appear on the right-side menu. You can click on any of these blank fields and manually type in each relevant area. When filling in the author field, make sure to input the author's last name into the first blank, and then the last name in the second blank. You may add or remove authors using the + - signs to the right of the author field.

3. Continue to click and fill out relevant fields. You can leave fields blank. Your information will be saved automatically.