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Saving Articles Using the Browser Connector: Home

Saving Articles Using the Browser Connector

Zotero's browser connector feature makes saving articles, ebooks, and webpages simple and easy-to-use. The connector works best through the Firefox and Chrome browsers. 


Saving Articles from a Database

1. Before saving anything, make sure to open up your Zotero library and select the folder you want to save items into. 

2. Next, conduct a search in a database, on a website, or anywhere else online! Below, I am searching the term "vaping" in the MEDLINE database.

3. When you reach the page of results that you want to save into your library, click on the Zotero icon in your browser menu.

  • The icon is located in the top right hand corner of your browser and can take many forms depending on what you are trying to save
  • Below, you see that the Zotero icon is a yellow file folder in the browser because it recognizes that my database has multiple articles
  • Once you click on the icon, the Zotero Item Selector box will pop up
  • You may select any items you'd like to add to your Zotero library and click OK.

4. After clicking OK, Zotero will save all of your checked items into your selected Zotero folder. If your item has a full-text PDF or HTML, Zotero will automatically save that into your folder. 

  • Wait until all the text in the top right box becomes fully saturated in color to know that the save is complete!

Saving Individual Items

5. You may click on individual articles from the list of database results and save them by clicking on the Zotero icon in your browser. In the below example, the icon is a white document. Clicking on the icon will automatically save the item into your selected library folder.

  • If available, the full text will automatically be saved into your library

Removing Duplicate Items in Your Zotero Library

6. Sometimes, you may accidentally save multiple items into your Zotero library. In order to find and remove duplicates, go to your Zotero library and click Duplicate Items on the left side navigation below your library folders. Select the duplicate items and then click Merge # Items on the right hand navigation. 

Saving Items in Google Scholar

7. You can use the Zotero browser connector to save items in Google Scholar the same way you would in an academic database. Just do a search, then click the Yellow Folder Icon, select items to save, and click OK

8. Just like with databases, you can save individual items from Google Scholar. Just click the article, and then click the Zotero icon in your browser. In the example below, the icon looks like a PDF document because the item on the page is a PDF file. 

9. That's it! Everything you have saved using the bowser connector lives in your selected Zotero library folder. If any information on the right hand window is incorrect, you can just click on the field and change it. All changes will be saved automatically.