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HMGT 401 - Introduction to the Hospitality Industry

Library resources and search strategies to support assignments in HMGT 401

Online & Print Resources for Citing In APA Style

Assignment 1: Examples of APA citations from Mergent Intellect

In-text Citation:

(Mergent, 2016, Synsopsis)

Citing Mergent database: 

Mergent. (2016). Stryker Corporation: Financial details - income statement. Retrieved October 25, 2016 from Mergent Intellect database.

Citing a website:

Author, A. A. & Author B. B. (Date of publication). Title of page. Retrieved from

Assignments 2-4:  Examples of APA citation (Trade Journal Article)

Gu, Z., & Kim, H. (2012, August 10). Determinants of restaurant menu analysis. The Journal of Restaurant       Management, 10(1), 1-13. Retrieved from http://www.jrhm/articles.html