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PSYC 502 - Research Methods in Psychology -- (UNH Manchester): Career Information

Career Information

Use the resources below to understand the larger context of your professional community. Explore these resources to learn how multidisciplinary teams of professionals can help with your problem or issue.

The following article demonstrates how professional teams solve problems.

How Psychologists Help Solve Real-World Problems in Multidisciplinary Research Teams

American Psychologist - Special Issue: Multidisciplinary Research Teams

Professional Associations

Professional Association Defined:

Professional associations are a group of people that come together on behalf of a career or industry. These associations meet regularly through meetings or conferences to discuss pertinent trends and concerns effecting the industry. They provide members with continuing education and networking opportunities and advocate for the needs of the group.

Examples: American Library Association, Association of Information Techonology Professionals, American Business Women's Association.

General Career Information

Psychology Career Information