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Social Venture Innovation Challenge Research Guide

Selected Books on Social Entrepreurship

Books: General/Overview

Bornstein, David. 2005. So you want to change the world?: The Emergence of Social Entrepreneurship and the rise of the citizen sector. Hart House Lectures

Bornstein, David and Davis, Susan. 2010. Social Entrepreneurship: What everyone needs to know. Oxford University Press.

Bornstein, David. 2004. How to change the world: Social Entrepreneurs and the power of new ideas. Oxford University Press.

Crutchfield,  Leslie R. & McLeod Grant, Heather. 2012. Forces for Good, Revised and Updated: The Six Practices of High-Impact Nonprofits. Jossey-Bass.

Elkington, John and Hartigan, Pamela. 2008. The power of unreasonable people: How social entrepreneurs create markets that change the world. Harvard Business School Press.

Nicholls, Alex. 2006 Social Entrepreneurship: New models of sustainable Social Change. Oxford University Press.

Pallotta, Dan. 2008. Uncharitable: how restraints on nonprofits undermine their potential. Tufts University Press.

Perrini, Francesco. 2006. The new social entrepreneurship: What awaits social entrepreneurial ventures? Edward Elgar.

Phills, James. 2005. Integrating mission and strategy for nonprofit organizations. Oxford University Press.

Schwartz, Beverly. 2012. Rippling: how social entrepreneurs spread innovation throughout the world. Jossey-Bass.

Welch, Wilford. 2008. Tactics of hope: How social entrepreneurs are changing our world. Earth Aware.

Wolk, Andrew & Krietz, Kelley. 2008. Business planning for enduring social impact: A social-entrepreneurial approach to solving social problems. Root Cause.

Yunus, Muhammad. 2007. Creating a world without poverty: Social business and the future of capitalism. Public Affairs

Yunus, Muhammad. 2010. Building Social Business: The new kind of capitalism that serves humanity’s most pressing needs. Public Affairs


Books: Specific Social Entrepreneurial Venture Stories

Erickson, Gary & Lorentzen, Lois. 2004. Raising the bar: Integrity and passion in life and business. Jossey-Bass.

Hammond, Darell. 2011. Kaboom! A movement to save play. Rodale Press.

Hirshberg, Gary. 2008. Stirring it up: How to make money and save the world. Hyperion.

Lewis, Alan and Harriet. 2010. Driving with no breaks: How a bunch of hooligans built the best travel company in the world. Grand Circle Travel.

Newman, Paul & Hotchner, A.E. 2003. In pursuit of the common good: Twenty-five years of improving the world, one bottle of salad dressing at a time. Broadway Books.

Novogratz, Jacqueline. 2009. The Blue Sweater. Bridging the gap between rich and poor in an interconnected world. Rodale.

Schwarz, Eric, 2014, The Opportunity Equation: How Citizen Teachers Are Combating the Achievement Gap in America's Schools, Beacon Press.

Taub, Richard. 1988. Community Capitalism: The South Shore Bank’s strategy for neighborhood revitalization. Harvard Business School Press.