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Citation Mining in Web of Science

Put on your hard hats 'cause it's time to citation mine!

What is citation mining? You can mine for citations by looking at the reference list at the end of an article, Wikipedia entry, book, and anywhere that contains a list of references, for other relevant articles. In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the Web of Science database to streamline this process.

Let's use the below example article as a starting point for citation mining.

1. Let's first go to the Web of Science database. From the library's homepage (, select Databases underneath the main search box. On the following page, search for Web of Science by title. Select the correct result and then select Connect to this database.

2. Now that you are in Web of Science, type in or paste the article title. Then, in the dropdown box, change the Topic field to Title. Search.
If your search does not retrieve any results and your article title has a colon, semicolon, period, dash, or question mark, try removing all punctuation or splitting the title in half (for example, if you need the article "How to Learn to Fly: A Lesson from Superman", simply search for "How to Learn to Fly").

3. Select the appropriate result on the following page by clicking on the article title.

4. On the next page, you can mine for citations by selecting the number above Cited References. You may also see how many times the article you have selected has been cited by other papers by selecting the number above Times Cited. Cited References will always give you articles that are older than the original article, whereas Times Cited will always give you more recent articles than the original.

5. After you've selected Cited References, you can see the list of article titles that the original article has cited. Note that on the right hand side, you can see how many times each of those articles has been cited since their publication.

6. You can also look at article abstracts and check for full-text all on the same page.


Happy mining!

Tutorials created by: Eugenia Opuda
Gifs created in Camtasia or taken online from Giphy