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CMN 696.04: Contemplative Media Studies (UNH Durham)

Resources and guidance for Prof. Kevin Healey's course

Searching for Long-Form Journalism: Databases

Word count is provides for full text articles.

Can limit by word count. Use WC(>#) where # represents the number of words; for example, WC(>2000)

You can search general interest magazines that publish long-form journalism through Academic Search Ultimate.

However, there is no filter that will identify long-form articles. You will need to look at the number of pages in the entry to get a sense of the longer articles.

You can indicate specific magazine(s) when you search your topic.

On the search results page, you can quickly see what magazines articles are coming from.

Searching for Long-Form Journalism: Websites

Selected websites focused on long-form writing include

Likely Magazine Sources for Long-Form Journalism

Many of these are long-running publications. The links below allow searching for full text within our databases for the indicated dates.

Selected online publications offering long-form journalism: