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Environmental Engineering (UNH - Durham): Get Started

A quick guide to environmental engineering information available through the UNH Library.


Finding accurate information efficiently is essential for engineers. I hope this guide will help you. 

Don't hesitate to contact staff at the UNH Engineering, Mathematics & Computer Science Library in Kingsbury Hall if you would like to discuss your project. 

Please go to the Engr/Math/CS Library website (phone: (603) 862-1740).  We're here to help!



UNH Resources

Many of the online resources in this guide are available only to members of the University of New Hampshire community because access is based on UNH Library subscriptions. These are sometimes labeled (UNH only). 

If you are a UNH faculty, staff, or student, viewing this guide off campus, you can still access these resources.  Clicking on a resource link will open a  login page where you can sign in to gain access to the resources. Alternatively,  UNH VPN, available from the UNH IT website, will also provide you with UNH credentials.

Library Information


Other Guides to Environmental Engineering Information

You can find books that discuss many more sources of environmental engineering information at the Library.  An example is Using the Engineering Literature, in the Reference area at the Engineering, Math & Computer Science Library.  The chapter on environmental engineering describes a huge variety of sources, from books to associations and organizations.