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Juneteenth Resource Guide

UNH Organizations

The Beauregard Center is committed to working collaboratively with the whole UNH community to create a more inclusive, equitable, and socially just campus through education, advising, advocacy and community building. Through the lens of intersectionality, the center works closely with underrepresented and ally students to empower their development and growth in order to thrive socially and academically.

Black Student Union (BSU) seeks to provide black students and allies a space to gain knowledge, awareness, and a sense of self. We seek to educate the entire UNH community on issues relating to Black identity, culture, and social justice issues.

The Office of Community, Equity, and Diversity serves as the central organizational structure to direct, monitor, advance, and support diversity efforts at the University. The office sponsors and promotes initiatives, as well as, provides resources for addressing issues of equity and diversity in institutional structure, recruitment and retention, curriculum, community climate, and outreach and engagement.  The office holds the responsibility for developing and sustaining programs, policies and initiatives that serve to create a welcoming environment for students, staff, faculty, and administrators of diverse backgrounds, cultures, and experiences.

Local Organizations

For more than 300 years, the lives of African people and their descendants have been a part of New Hampshire’s history. African-American history has long been hidden in the shadows even though Black lives have been intermixing with White lives in highly personal ways. The Black Heritage Trail of New Hampshire promotes awareness and appreciation of African American history and life in order to build more inclusive communities today.

The Seacoast African American Cultural Center celebrates the lives and achievements of black people with emphasis on the unique story of African Americans in the Seacoast region. SAACC was launched in 2000 with a coalition of members from various African American organizations in the seacoast area. With concerts, educational programs, exhibits from notable artists, an active book group, and valuable collections of African artifacts, the Seacoast African American Cultural Center has become the hub of activity to showcase the contributions of individuals of African descent in the seacoast community.

BLM Seacoast was formed in July 2020 by 3 Seacoast community members with the purpose to dismantle anti-Blackness, fight against racial injustices and end police brutality across the Seacoast communities of NH, Maine and Massachusetts.

The American Civil Liberties Union of New Hampshire (ACLU-NH) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan membership organization dedicated to preserving the individual rights and liberties guaranteed in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. ACLU-NH, founded in 1968 by a small group of devoted civil libertarians, is one of 53 affiliates of the ACLU Nationwide.