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POLT 505 - American Congress (UNH Durham)

Resources to support projects for this course

Congressional Documentation of Its Actions

  • Search results can be filtered by Congress session, bill type, status of legislation, chamber of origin, committee, and more.
  • In the entry for a specific bill, you can view all actions under Actions, all summaries, bill-text versions, related bills, committees/subcommittees that were involved, and more
  • Actions page will provide links to any committee reports, relevant pages in the Congressional Record, and roll call results within the session.
  • Actions page will indicate whether Senate hearings were held and printed.

General Resources

Primary Sources

In general, there are different types of resources or sources of information. One type include primary sources, which can vary by discipline and subject.

Generally, primary sources are original materials on which other research is based; for example,

  • original works (written, spoken, recorded, visual) – poems, diaries, court records, interviews, surveys, polls, newsreel footage, newspaper articles about events, art works, statistical information, and original research/fieldwork; and
  • original research published in scholarly/academic journals
  • For this class, this includes publications that record the official actions of the committees and the members of Congress