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RMP 724: Grantsmanship, Evaluation, and Research (UNH Durham)

Information and resources for Prof. Kate Guerdat's course

Suggested Databases to Start With

RMP is a multidisciplinary field. Using some of the subject-focused databases listed and a variety of the search methods described above will help you be more effective searchers and get results from recognized, reputable academic sources. These databases are frequently useful for topics in this course.

Additional Databases to Consider

Depending on your specific topic, one of these specialized databases may be helpful. For more online resources, check out the complete Database List.

Getting Articles

Click on the Check for UNH Full Text icon in the database record to see how to get a copy of the article: whether online, in print or from another library.

This 2-minute video provides a brief demonstration.

If the UNH Library doesn't have the article you want, request it through Interlibrary Loan.

Additional Search Options

Keyword searching across citations, abstracts and full text of articles (even if the full text isn't available to you).


  • identify relevant articles, especially if your search is pretty specific.
  • useful for exploratory purposes or when you're "covering all the bases"


  • hard to organize or sort in useful ways
  • unable to search by subject or limit by anything other than time

Enhance efficiency by adjusting these Google Scholar settings so that

  • Library Links shows library access links to UNH (so you have quicker access to full text that UNH is subscribing to)

Connect to