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Sexual Health and Wellness E-Resources: Media


The Truth about Unwanted Arousal

Sex educator Emily Nagoski breaks down one of the most dangerous myths about sex and introduces us to the science behind arousal nonconcordance: when there's a disconnect between physical response and the experience of pleasure and desire. Talking about such intimate, private moments can feel awkward or difficult, yet in this straightforward talk Nagoski urges all of us to share this crucial information with someone -- judges, lawyers, partners, kids. "With every brave conversation we have, we make the world that little bit better," says Nagoski. 

Asexual: A Love Story

A new short documentary funded by TELUS Optik Local is shedding light on a little known area of human identity – asexuality.

Asexual: A Love Story, directed by Melinda Friedman, shares the stories of several young men and women who don’t feel the desire to have sex.

Tea and Consent

This 2015 video released by British police attempts to explain sexual consent using a cup of tea as an analogy for sex.

LGBTQ Cinema and Documentaries on Kanopy

Kanopy is a streaming service available through the UNH Library. The LGBTQ section has over 100 videos, movies, and documentaries telling the story of LGBTQ people across the world. 

Testicular Cancer Prevention: Self Examination

Testicular cancer may be the most common form of cancer among young men but it's also one of the most treatable when caught early. 

Gender Studies Documentaries on Kanopy

Kanopy is a streaming service accessible through the UNH library and has numerous videos, documentaries, and films available. Kanopy has over 250 documentaries and videos available in the gender studies category.

Health and Wellness Videos through Kanopy

UNH Library has access to over 200 videos on Health and Wellness through the Kanopy streaming service. 


VagEsteem Podcast

The VagEsteem Podcast was established in July 2016. It was created with the intention for women to have a safe and fun space to learn and laugh while we have courageous conversations about sex, love, relationships and everything in between!

6 Minute Sex Ed

Six Minute Sex Ed helps people talk openly about sex and relationships, created by Kim Cavill, Sex Education Teacher. Level one episodes cover the basics, Level Two episodes are more complex. Six Minute Sex Ed is inclusive, informative, and sex positive.