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Scholarly Communication and Open Access

This guide provides news and resources about the changing scholarly communication landscape.

Best Resources for Open Access Journals

Publishing in Open Access journals is one way of making your research Open Access. Most OA journals undergo a peer or editorial review process equivalent to the process used for subscription journals. Many are free to the author, relying on ad revenue and sponsorship, while others may charge author fees to offset the costs of production. Many granting agencies allow author publishing fees to be included in grant proposals and some universities are providing publishing funds.* Some OA journals are hybrids, allowing the author to choose an Open Access option, though other articles in the same publication may be subscription only. In most disciplines authors see higher citation rates for Open Access articles than non-Open Access articles,** and impact factors for OA and non-OA publications are about the same.***


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For more information

In you are interested in learning more about Open Access journals or getting a list of journals in your field, please contact Eleta Exline, Scholarly Communication Coordinator, The University Library.

You will also find related information on the Scholarly Publishing tab of this guide.