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Open Access Publishing: Open Access Journals

This guide provides information about Open Access publishing.

Five facts about open access publishing

Open Access Journals

Publishing in fully open access journals is one way of making your research Open Access. Many open access journals are free to the author, relying on ad revenue and organizational sponsorship, while others may charge author fees to offset the costs of production. Many funding agencies allow author publishing fees to be paid with grant funds.

Resources for OA Journal Publishing

Open Access articles are cited more often

Avoiding journal fraud

There are many high-quality, peer-reviewed Open Access journals worthy of your consideration as an author or reviewer, but it's important to recognize the potential for fraud. Email solicitations from unknown publishers or journal editors should be treated with caution.

Spend a few minutes to assess the reputation of a journal or publisher before submitting your scholarship. The Think. Check. Submit. has a list of questions to consider when choosing a journal. Journals listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals have been reviewed for compliance with publishing best practices and the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association sets publishing standards for it members. You may also contact Eleta Exline, Scholarly Communication Librarian, if you have any questions about the reputation of a publisher or journal.