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Open Access Publishing: UNH Scholars Repository

This guide provides information about Open Access publishing.

UNH Scholars Repository

The UNH Scholars Repository

The UNH Scholars Repository is a publishing platform for collecting and promoting scholarship and creative works by UNH faculty, students, staff, institutes, and programs. The Scholars Repository archives scholarship for long-term access, promotes the rights of authors to control their intellectual property, and furthers the concept of Open Access to research.

► Publication and Scholarship Archiving

Make sure that your work can be found by anyone who needs it. Post your publications, presentations, reports, journal articles, and other scholarly or creative work in the repository (see the graphic on this page). We'll help you check the publishing sharing policies for previously published journal articles. Email for information or assistance.

► The Data Catalog

The Data Catalog is an inventory of data sets that UNH researchers have deposited in external repositories for long-term access and preservation. The Data Catalog is to improves and promotes the discovery of UNH research data, and fosters an institutional culture of responsible data sharing and reuse. Submit a record of your published or archived research data to the Data Catalog or email our data librarian for guidance.

► Open Access Journal and Series Hosting

The UNH Scholars Repository provides hosting services for new or transferred peer-reviewed or editorial-reviewed open access journals, publication series, and pre-print series. The UNH library provides space, training, and ongoing support for such publications and advice on policy development. Email for assistance.

► Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs)

The UNH Library can create DOIs for certain types of content published in the Scholars Repository, such as unpublished reports and data records. Email our institutional repository manager for assistance.