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ENE 520, Professor Kinner, Fall 2015 (UNH Durham): Find Books & E-Books

Tips on information search strategies for your research.

Library Catalogs

A library catalog is simply a database that contains records for the materials owned by or accessible through that library.  The UNH Library Catalog includes materials owned and accessible through the UNH Library at Durham and the UNH-Manchester Library.  This is the best way to access UNH's online resources, like e-books, and to find physical materials in our locations. 

You can switch to the Books & Media Worldwide (BLC Worldcat Discovery) catalog to find out about materials beyond UNH. You can request books and media from other college and university libraries from all over the U.S. and sometimes beyond with "InterLibrary Loan" services, which include article scanning.  For InterLibrary Loan, create a free account for borrowing.

Both of these library catalogs include journal titles and magazine titles, but NOT article titles. To see if an article is available at UNH, use the UNH Library catalog on the home page to look up the journal's title.  Example:



Sample UNH Library Subject Searches

Click on the subjects below to search the UNH Library Catalog. After you search, you can narrow most any search. Click on the Limit/Sort Search Icon in the catalog:  and choose limits or add words. Choices include: library location, year of publication, words in title or author, material type, etc.

Library Catalogs

UNH Library catalog

  • Use this to find books, journal titles, media & more at UNH.
  • To search for individual articles, click the "Find Articles" tab to use relevant databases.
  •  more UNH Library Catalog options

UNH Library and beyond

  • Use this to find books and media at UNH and other libraries.
  • Some UNH Library materials won't be listed (including many course reserves and e-books).
  • Articles are not listed in these catalogs; see the "Find Articles" tab for more info
  • Advanced search options

Call Numbers @ the UNH Library

UNH uses the Library of Congress (LC) system, like most academic libraries.  Here is a clickable outline of the categories and call numbers.  Call numbers are read line by line: 


Note: In .W45  the 45 is a decimal number.  The letter W stands for the author (or title if no author). 

Example of the order:   

TD           TD           TD
146          146         146

.W427      .W45       .W5 

Breaking a subject down into subtopics:

  • TD1-1066 Environmental technology. Sanitary engineering
    • TD169-171.8 Environmental protection
    • TD172-193.5 Environmental pollution
    • TD194-195 Environmental effects of industries and plants
    • TD201-500 Water supply for domestic and industrial purposes
      • TD419-428 Water pollution

Remember, all books should be in the catalog, so you can browse there also.  



New Books