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CMN 457 - Introduction to Language and Social Interaction (UNH Manchester): In-class Annotation Exercise

Annotation Workshop

This link is to the article we will be reading and annotating together as a class. 

Annotation Assignment

This assignment requires you to create an annotation for one academic research article about relational communication. Your annotation will summarize and evaluate the article, and it should also include a full citation using APA format.

In your summary, please make sure to include:

  1. topic and importance of the topic
  2. research question/s (don’t include hypotheses)
  3. sample (who was studied) and method of sample selection (how they were found)
  4. how information/data was gathered from participants
  5. how the data was analyzed
  6. the results of the study
  7. researcher comments about the findings

In your evaluation, please make sure to critically assess the study. Do you think this is a good study? Why or why not? You should look at the section of the article that includes the limitations of the study

Your annotation must be one single-spaced page in length with the citation at the top. I will stop reading after one page. You should also have a cover page.

Please use Times New Roman 12-point font and 1” margins and submit the assignment on Canvas. We will discuss the details of the assignment in class.


Google Doc

We will be creating an annotation for this article together!

Access to our Google Doc

Rules for the Google Doc:

  • No erasing classmates' contributions.
  • Participate equally within your group.

How to Read a Research Article

KU Libraries. (2021, March 9). How to read a scientific article [Video]. YouTube.