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CEPS Innovation Scholars pages (UNH Durham): Based on Your Topics ...

Shared strategies for finding & using information on your project topics.

Advanced Manufacturing

  • 3D printing for Cubesat
  • Arduino programmed autonomous robot
  • CNC programming laboratory
  • Hemoglobin Purification for HBOC8 manufacturing
  • Olson Center give away

Interoperability Laboratory

  • A  low cost network controllable (IoT) habitat for controlling/experimenting with the growth environment for plants
    • Will experiment with lettuce to demonstrate the device
  • An unobtrusive portal sensor array for counting entry/exits into a space with network monitoring
    • Experiment with different algorithms for the sensor array
  • A student scheduling aggregating application that takes information from multiple systems to assist with finding free time and assisting with reserving outside of class work time

Ocean Instrumentation

Overall, each project includes the development of some kind of remote sensor to collect environmental data. Most of them will be pressure sensors to measure water depth, but a few will have other sensors as well.

  • Investigation into sunny day flooding at Hampton Beach
  • Calibration of an environmental oscillatory water tunnel
  • Development of a sound speed vs depth sensor
  • Development of a conductivity sensor
  • Storage Release Curves for Local Dammed Reservoirs 
  • Indicated direction of waves through direct measurement