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The Changemaker Speaker Series: The Changemaker Speaker Series

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Threads of Change: Rethinking Fast Fashion Supply Chains  

February 20, 12:40-2 p.m.
Granite State Room, MUB
Free & open to all
Co-hosted by UNH Library

Join us as leading industry experts delve into the intricate web of fast fashion supply chains, understand their structure and the complexities that contribute to the current crisis. As we collectively explore these dynamics, the event invites panelists to engage in thoughtful discussion, share insights, and contemplate innovative solutions for addressing the challenges posed by the fast fashion industry.

Speakers Include: 

Zack headshotWalt headshotBrian headshotColleen headshot

Speakers (Left to right): Zack Angelini ‘14, 16G, Co-Founder of Public Good Provisions; Walt Bailey, Senior Sales Director North American Wholesale, Patagonia; Brian O'Connor, Director, Sustainability and Global Compliance, L.L.Bean; Colleen Vien, President & CEO, Association of Professional Social Compliance Auditors (APSCA)