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Chemistry 409 - Chemistry & Society (UNH Durham)

This guide provides an outline, with links, of selected elements of our Feb. 27 class, "Your cell phone and you: finding and evaluating scientific information."

Your cell phone and you: finding and evaluating scientific information

First you had an assignment.  Then you came to class. 

Background: resources used for the assignment

1. Your search resource of choice (ex., from Microsoft, or, which is the U.S. Google site)

2. A comparator search resource:

3.  Your brain (the most important part)                                   Gross, Liza (2008). PLoS Biol 6(7): e164.                Gross, L. (2008)   


In class: site observations

Dihydrogen monoxide (DHMO) website:               Photo of scientist in lab coat

Evaluation, characterization:  what factors do you look for?

Additional information:  when it is appropriate to fact-check, use a trusted provider and a reference source (or two)

UNH Library: Research Support> Research guides > Physical Sciences: Chemistry > ChemIDplus