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Data Management Toolkit @ UNH

This toolkit provides information to help researchers develop data management plans and effectively manage their research data.

UNH Research Policies

The USNH policy manual provides access to UNH research policies related to compliance, conflict of interest, and data stewardship. Of particular relevance to data management is the UNH Policy on Ownership, Management, and Sharing of Research Data.

Collection and generation of research data are integral aspects of research activity at the University of New Hampshire (UNH).  Research data have several purposes:

  • To serve as a record of the investigation;
  • To form the basis on which conclusions are made; and
  • To enable the reconstruction of procedures and protocols.

In keeping with its commitment to promote integrity in the scholarly process, UNH's research data management practices should ensure open and timely access to research data. Such access is especially vital with respect to questions about compliance with legal or regulatory requirements governing the conduct of research, accuracy or authenticity of data, primacy of findings, and reproducibility of results.